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Three-dimensional nature breeze
Comfort of HVLS FANS can’t be compared with other fans. Under the HVLS FANS you can fell three-dimensional air from
 all side and cover the whole body, so that sweet evaporate completely, which formed a breeze system of nature. However 
the traditional fan blows straight with high-speed is very unconformable, not only wind speed is too high, force the 
body temperature decrease sharply, but also will bring a lot of healthy problem such as fan disease. 1-3m/s wind speed 
is the best human experience, in daily use you do not need to adjust to the maximum speed, it based on your site condition.


Why do you select SIPOS industrial fan?
SIPOS product has high cost performance as its good performance, low repair rate and long service life. SIPOS focused on 
every procedure, from product design, manufacture procedure, component selection, safety measures, professional 
installation to after-sales service, you can truly worry-free to use.

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